Last Minute Valentine's Day Fabric Treat Bags

Last Minute Valentine's Day Fabric Treat Bags

I started my sewing journey 24 years ago when my mom helped me make a draw string bag with cute little bears on it. I remember getting so frustrated during the process of making this bag. I have always been a perfectionist, which inevitably led to some struggles in my early days of sewing. So, when sewing my first project, my draw string bag, my sewing lines were not straight enough (for my liking), and I was unrealistic in my expectations of making this the most couture [*THINK COCO CHANEL*] bag I have ever seen.


Fast forward to today and I am back to the basics of making a SIMPLE draw string bag for Valentine’s Day favors. There are dozens of videos, DIYs, and step by step instructional documents out there for making these simple little bags. My first experience was using a pattern and quilted fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, but today l am sewing a simple rectangle, folded in half, with a casing around the top. Making these cute little bags for Valentine’s Day might be something fun to consider- and it doesn't necessarily require a trip to the fabric store!

****GIVE AWAY**** Make sure to read to the END of the post to see how you can receive your own FREE .pdf pattern for this draw string bag.

Ruby and Violet are both in Pre-School this year, and I have been so excited to be able to make up these adorable little goodie bags for their classes this year. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays because I love the reds, pinks, and white and also the hearts, lace, cards, and chocolate! I also have a new goal for this 2020 year and that is to reduce my plastic usage and also my waste by (at least) 20%. That goal is part of what led me to this project because I wanted to make something that could be reused and that wasn’t plastic.

I started with my fabric stash (we won’t go into depth about that problem right now). After digging out some fabric that is fun for Valentine's Day, I started measuring and cutting out the size of the bag. I finally decided on a 6” x 6.5” finished bag. You can use pinking shears to finish the edges, a serger, or if you are only making a few, and have the time, you could incorporate French seams. Please read below to see how you can get a FREE pattern to download- Enjoy! Please feel free to tag me in your Valentine’s Day Treat Bag adventures- #vdayrubyandvioletdesigns

****GIVE AWAY TIME**** I have a FREE .pdf pattern to send you! All you have to do is comment, share, and tag someone on this blog post to let me know you would like this pattern. I can email or message you- just let me know how you would like to receive it.


Mary Morningstar Johnson


Mary Morningstar Johnson

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Mary Morningstar Johnson


Mary Morningstar Johnson


Mary Morningstar Johnson

You are so talented!! Love to read you blog!

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